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OGI_A – Comfort and ergonomics are the most important qualities in the products we design.
OGI_Q – a simple, classic collection of desks for minimalists who value comfort. The system is available in a managerial version with an integral pedestal, supporting the desk construction. It allows you to keep your office in order. Office organisational flow is enhanced. The top of the desk is available in various colours including beech, Canadian oak, chestnut, polar birch, cocoa, white pastel and lowland nut. Leg options include aluminium (satinato) and white gloss. OGI Q is a collection of desks, pedestals and storages solutions- a comprehensive array for any well-organised office.

OGI_N – A wide range of desks, tables, storages and pedestals ensure high functionality and meet the requirements of all customers. Dividing panels in warm, vibrant colours provide a homelike atmosphere. The outer cover of legs allows for easy cables installation. Both hidden cables and ergonomic desktops, make work much easier and comfortable.

OGI_U – Multi-station systems based on one leg simplify the arrangement of space and create a comfortable, practical workplace. The minimum usage of elements used to create systems make the arrangement and assembling furniture much easier. Conference tables are an addition to the system. Different shapes and size of tables provide many opportunities to arrange spaces regardless of its space. Pedestals are available with traditional and glass doors with a distinctive aluminium frame. The size of pedestals and containers is adapted to the height of desks. It allows you to arrange workplaces with more usable space.

OGI_Y – Well-organised workplace allows instant exchange of information and working in team. OGI open space collection enables you to create interesting colour compositions from combining plates, fabric and metal. The modularity of the system allows you to create simple solutions of the multi-station. Cabinets with sliding and tambour door are perfect especially in small working areas.

OGI_V – OGI system allows to organise and change the arrangement of any office. A wide range of desks in different shapes make it possible to create single and multi-stations. The simple shapes of furniture create harmony and order. This allows you to concentrate better at your work.

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