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SFT Office Table

SFT are folding tables dedicated for meeting spaces such as conference rooms or lecture halls. The tables connection feature allows to construct U-shaped, L-shaped or many other sitting configurations that can be easily rearranged to fit your needs. After the meeting is over, the tables can be quickly folded, stacked ( up to 10 pcs) and removed on tables’ trolley.

product versions

SFT1 – folded table, 1600 x 800 x 740 mm
frame SFT1 – folded table’s frame
SFT W – tables’ trolley


– black (powder coated)
– metallic (powder coated)
– chrome
– satin chrome

Frame SFT1 is dedicated for assembly table tops made only from chipboard.
Maximum parameters of the table top: 1600×800 mm, weight 28 kg.


table top

able top made of chipboard as standard.
Option – table top made of cellular board (light).

Colours of HPL (LW):
LW01 (white)
LW02 (black)
LW04 (grey)


Glides (height adjustable):
– standard – hard glides (for soft floors)
– option – felt glides (for hard floors)

net weight

SFT1 chipboard – 36,0 kg
SFT1 cellular board – 22,0 kg
frame SFT – 7,5 kg
SFT W – 52,0 kg

gross weight

SFT1 chipboard – 39,0 kg
SFT1 cellular board – 25,0 kg
frame SFT – 9,0 kg


10 pcs

additional information

Tables joining
Tables folding