Isaac Ergonomic Desks

Isaac is an easy to operate, highly reliable sit/stand system designed to simplify and encourage regular changing of your working position.

Designed by ergonomists
Everything about Isaac sit/stand is designed to enhance your wellbeing and maximise efficiency. The design was focused on ergonomic considerations; our ‘wish list’ for easy movement, superior legroom, comfort and adaptability has created a superior, robust and unique sit/stand system. Even small details are important and our ergonomists have considered all the possible working scenarios to create the perfect product.

Isaac sit/stand uses universal components so that you can retrospectively convert a desk into benches and vice versa. You can also simply retro t a range of accessories without any need for disassembling the structure. The system even adapts to a sit/stand meeting table.

Stability and safety
The I frame structure has been chosen as it offers exceptional stability at any working height. The worktops are undersized by 15mm to provide a 30mm gap when desks are used side to side to prevent any possibility of trapping fingers. We also include, as standard, a Piezo anti-collision system to stop any damage, should the work surface be blocked by another object during operation. Cable management leaves no obstructions or trailing wires.

To ensure reliability Isaac sit/stand uses market leading components including the Linak actuator mechanism, which is quick, quiet and smooth.

Isaac sit/stand is simple and quick to operate making it easy for users to regularly change position. The design leaves
no obstructions to lower legs to allow complete freedom of movement. Our optional Wellbeing Software even prompts you to change position. A pop up window on your computer will remind you to adjust your desk, counting the time standing as well as the calories burned. You can set your own intervals to maintain your active movement and assist your wellbeing.

Isaac Meeting
Isaac Meeting o ers all the functionality of sit/stand to the meeting environment. With two table sizes to cater for groups of 6 to 10 people, Isaac Meeting has a one piece work surface with push button height controllers on each side of the desk