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YAN is the ultimate solution for companies that have multiple project teams who need more room to work and positively interact. YAN was developed in such a way that essential ideas can be exchanged. This is why you can use the panels interchangeably by dividing your workplace into straight or intersecting sections. In our offer, you can find five different types of panels which differentiate themselves by shape, finish and colour.

One of the most important elements in planning your ergonomic office space, is the functionality of your office furniture. YAN system offers a solution for creating workstations using Cargo containers. Cargo fore fills its role not only as a construction element but also as a place to rearrange all of your crucial documents. This type of arrangement is important in achieving optimal performance.

The main attribute of the YAN system is the possibility of easy configuring individual desks and benches in a number of ways. Desk tops can be supported by metal legs, which come in four shapes to choose from, or different storage solutions. By enlarging the work area with extending elements, a space for greater interaction can be easily build.

YAN can be personalised to individual office needs. An accessible array of colours and materials helps to add character to the whole office or to a selected area. Arranging an office with different panels adds distinctive style to the office space design.

YAN promotes simplicity combined with a great variety and choice. Apart from many different styled panels, legs and storages there are different solutions for cable management. Combine vertical and horizontal cable organiser options to create a hassle free workspace environment .Each solution is universal for different YAN styles.

YAN represents a line of office furniture which can be very individual and personal and at the same time constitutes an integrating factor with the rest of the office space. YAN has been designed to not only serve multi-station offices, but also for creating professional spaces for managers and directors. Combined with side tables, and partition walls a complete and cozy work environment can be created.

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