Managing Director | Kem Zorba
Kem started her professional career with R & J office interiors and was quickly head hunted by Sven PLC whereby he gained experience as an Account Manager in London manufacturing mid range desk systems. He subsequently moved from Sven PLC to Rainbow Design where by he spent many years working and building solid relationships with a wide range of companies and architects that he still continues to do business with today. Kems’ dreams, aspirations and passion continue to be the lifeblood of Bizneez Group Ltd.  To provide excellent service that your company will benefit from.“Brand image and the visual impression of a company is crucial, certainly I have learnt this again and again over the years. This can be achieved through cohesive design and working closely on the vision that each business has. Our company, working in close consultation with you, can reach the desired level of perfection you are seeking.Branding branch of Bizneez Group Ltd not just to be a provider of furniture but, to be part of companies brand building portfolio. That is why the service I provide is second to none. We are the only furniture supplier that is able to provide you with peace of mind passing on my experience of this industry in each consultation. I have also built a portal which will be released 22nd September 2016 under the name of our company. Our Portal will only be available for free to our clients on and will be available to all others interested in placing their products at a subscribed price to which our own brand for Bizneez Group continues with great success within the portal system.As I take my company forward in building offices all over the world, I aim to create many jobs locally not just in London but nationally and through out the small world we live in, thats where our Portal comes in to effect. This is one of many projects I am currently working on. Providing our clients on more information needed for growing not just clients companies but also our own.  We keep building new technologies to help our clients improve on the time spent with us to concentrate on their building blocks of their own Company, hence in other words I share my knowledge with my clients, enabling you in having your business where it needs to be. I do recruit talented staff whom can take my company to the level you soon will see. I will create what others have failed to deliver to you.”

Jan Adem | Consultant Project Management Jan’s career is one of the most exceptional paths any Engineer/Consultant can achieve. His long history over 40 years is more of a dream! Jan has worked on projects throughout the world working in many countries as an Engineer and Project Manager. Major projects that include Jan working closely with one of the worlds outstanding and missed architects Jorn Utzon on the Sydney Opera House and Prof Dr Brown – Famous Bridge Engineer. He participated in the first employment of Bored Cast-in large diameter piles used for London Clay for high-rise buildings.