We provide professional services for space and office planning. A new office is a crucial and sometimes complex project, whether you are a start up company or designing a new office for an established company. You will need to consider carefully the following elements when planning an office design, we can assist in all these areas:

  1. Space and Layout
  2. Electrical Requirements
  3. Lightning Requirements
  4. Relation to Workers

2d final final Pinnacle | Office Design Example of Two Dimensional Office Plan

Space and Layout

Office design is a crucial factor in determining how well your office will operate. In the design planning phase, certain requirements need to be considered:

Main Work Areas
Task Desks
Computer Systems
Meeting Areas
Telephone points
Electrical points
Light exposure
Cabling and many more factors

We recommend to ensure there is sufficient space available for files and record keeping. Most important is to have easy access to these areas for employees and security where required to adhere to Data Protection requirements. These areas can be separated with an authority level. A lot of our customers tend to access data via computers however a lot of critical documents are filed for auditing or future reference by clients.

Another important element to consider is a secure storage area or room containing office supplies, papers, inks, pencils and staples etc. The space must be adequate for the requirements of the office supply stocks and readily accessible by authorised staff.

Electrical Requirements

An electrical plan is a crucial step and careful planning is needed. 80% of equipment in the office uses electrically powered products so there must be appropriate design to cater for the area considered. Common electrical equipment used in the offices that we come across are:

Telephony Equipment
Fax Machines
Paper Shredders
Lighting for individual desks
Spare points for mobile chargers

3D Render Final

Lighting Requirements

Lighting and how it is planned in a working environment can have a major effect on staff especially when they are working for long periods of time. We consider this on our design consultations and divide it into three main categories:

Ambient Light is the general lighting in the office, which is normally overhead.
Task Lighting is provided desk by desk as per the requirements of the particular work area.
Natural Light is an important source of light both in terms of aesthetics and positive effects on staff. It is also best to utilize daylight to avoid unnecessary electricity costs.