LTD provides high-quality office furniture and office design services. We are based in London and we provide highly professional interior design services.  We also supply office furniture that suits any budget and we install directly to businesses throughout the UK.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in this sector to guide you through the whole procurement process. We strive to exceed your expectations when your company is looking to redesign your office, refurbish or procure new office furniture whether that be for 1 item or a complete office.

The world is at a turning point, moving into a new age of information and technology.  Kem Zorba is currently building a new platform in order to supply our clients with a more effective tool in order to benefit using a streamlined process which is more efficient.   We understand what is missing in many regards to design as we aim to improve our client’s vision of growth, which is needed to maintain a solid structure to any business, hence why we are investing and building into new ideas. Our main aspect of our brand is to show our clients what we can do.

Our own designed website illustrates our business card in showing you our design skills, as everything is done in house by Kem Zorba, From building our new site to the marketing aspect of search engine optimization.


Designing The Right Office Solution For You


We work closely with you to find the right solution for your office, after all, there are many different types of workplaces and environments. It has often been mentioned to us that with our help the process is less stressful and time-consuming.

Once you have outlined your requirements to us we work tirelessly to ensure we meet the most demanding of criteria.  We recognize that sourcing the correct office furniture for your office has a huge and positive impact on the way your company is perceived by your employees and your clients. We can also provide you with 2 and 3 Dimensional plans to help visualize our recommendations.

Take a look at our showcase of products from Office Chairs, Desks, Task Desks, Storage, Executive Seating, Benching, and much more or contact us for more information or request quote and we will help you source what you need in order to achieve your desired solution.



The Benefits For You Of Working With Us


High Quality Within Budget – You will benefit from competitively priced products that result from our strong buying power and close long term partnerships with our suppliers.  This enables us to tailor solutions for your specific budget and achieve a high-quality finish.

Improved Staff Motivation – Our customers advise us that improving their office-working environment that there is a marked improvement in staff motivation and productivity.  They also advise that our expert advice helps to make this possible.

Health Through Design – The modern workplace demands that we spend longer periods in our office, which requires furniture that assists posture to avoid repetitive strain or skeletal problems.  Therefore we offer our clients the correct solutions whether it be for workstations, ergonomic seating or formal and informal areas.

Wide Range of Choice – We have partnered ourselves with Europe’s leading manufacturers in Desk Systems, Seating, and Storage. Each of our manufacturing partner’s has a vast selection of products, which means that our website should be viewed as an initial introduction to their product ranges only.




We are Registered at: 46 Monarch Drive, Sittingbourne, ME10 2GE
Opening times are between 8am and 7pm Monday-Saturday

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